Monday, December 1, 2014

Mission Lyfe

Hey, all!

We went to two baptisms this week!  Yay!  Rosemary, (a former investigator, that moved to another area) got baptized!  She was ready even when we taught her. We were happy to be with her on her special day!  

We went to Lunch in Colombus on Tuesday with Susan and the Sisters there.  Susan is one of our investigators-but she's pretty much Mormon. Really---She's read the BOM 3 times, she's been to General Conference in SLC, she's done her family history and her ancestors have had their temple work done, and she believes that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.  She just struggles with Joseph Smith and thinks the Book of Mormon is self-serving.  She's been investigating the church since 2008!  Can you say dry Mormon? She'll hopefully gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It's weird to teach her because I swear that she knows the doctrines of the church better than I do!  I seriously love her though!  Her ancestors have had their ordinances performed for them-she just hasn't gotten hers yet...we gotta fix that. :)

Thanksgiving was a blast!  We had three dinners.  Way too much food!  Then we totally didn't get permission from President to watch Frozen with a member family and he didn't tell us to not tell other missionaries that he didn't give us permission to watch it....;) Haha!  That night, we had to get on a conference call with the whole mission!  It took forever to take roll call of 250 missionaries!  Woof to that! But President talked about the Christmas season and the video -He is the Gift- that we can use to share the gospel. I would hope it works! We have 200 pass along cards to give out in the next 20 days. :)  Everyone should go watch it!  That video brings the spirit so strongly into the room whenever we watch it.  

Well, tomorrow marks my last day as a trainee!  I'm going to be a normal missionary!  Yay!  I get a new companion this week too. :(  I will miss Sister Loveland dearly!  I hope my new comp is Asian too. :)

Well, see you all soon!  ;)  Kalo Duh! 

Sister Fowler xoxo


I love Sai Cer.  She's the sweetest, smiliest Chin person!

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