Monday, February 23, 2015

Crazy week!


A lot happened this week and I hope I don't forget anything.  

Last P-day we went to Plainfield and watched all the Elders have a dunking contest.  They're all tall and play basketball well.  I just sit on the ground and play my ukulele.  :)

Tuesday:  Sister Griffeth got sick and the nurse told us to stay inside.  So, I played the ukulele some more.  However, Elder Knudsen ripped a huge hole in his coat and I sewed it up for him.  I wrote a note to him and I sewed it up in his sleeve and then I told him about it.  It's been driving him insane because he wants to know what it says.  I think he might actually cut open his coat to find out... 

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference!  President Cleveland polished my boots for me at one of the stations.  They looked so good-I couldn't stop staring at them.  We received a lot of trainings and we role played a lot.  Then we had a "March Madness" clinic.  The Coach in President Cleveland came out and we did basketball drills!  It was fun even though I'm horrible at b-ball.  Sister Cleveland told me that we have the same amount of arm strength...basically none.  Haha!  :)

Thursday: We jumped our British neighbor's car when it was 1 degree outside.  It was so cold!  Boo.  We also cleaned out the font for out baptism and we had to take a selfie.  :) 

Friday: I honestly don't remember I guess it wasn't important!  

Saturday!  This is the glorious day!  It snowed 6 inches and our cars got grounded for a few hours until they cleared up the roads. As soon as we could, we booked it to Plainfield to pick up the jumpsuits for the baptisms and we had to start filling the font.  Well, we didn't plug the font properly (because we're Sisters and we didn't know) so it was draining a little as it was filling.  IT'S FINE!  Haha!  It worked out, thank goodness.  Brian and Bella were both baptized!  They're so great!  It was a beautiful day!  A little hectic, but it all worked out.  Bella started swimming in the font after she got baptized!  It was so cute and funny!  She makes me laugh so hard!  We were teaching her about baptism and she saw the picture of Jesus and John the Baptist and she said, "It looks like they're dancing!" Haha!  We had her write down how she felt about her confirmation during Sacrament meeting yesterday and she said, "I felt weird because all these guys were putting their hands on my head, but I felt happy because I know God is happy."  It was so precious.  I love that little family so much!  Then, that night we got transfer calls.  I'm staying in Brownsburg, but Sister Griffeth is leaving in 2 days!  That makes 4 companions in 6 months.  People are going to think that I'm a crazy psycho that can't keep a companion for longer than a transfer.  Haha!  I just hope I get an old Sister that's about to go home.  I need someone that I can learn all the tricks of the trade from.  :)  This week marks my 6 months in the mission field!  That's weird.  :)

Sunday:  Bella got confirmed and then Sister Griffeth packed.  Also, we went and said goodbye to a Senior couple in downtown Indy.  I will miss them so much!  I just realized that my first area was about 5 miles south of downtown and my current area is only about that far west of downtown.  I guess I'll just never leave Indy.  I hope I don't, anyway!  I heard that this transfer meeting will be the biggest one yet!  A lot of people are getting double transferred.  A set of Elders in my District are.  Everyone in my zone is getting transferred! It's insane.

That's all folks! Love you all!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey Y'all!

We're just slaying satan here in Brownsburg!  He didn't know what was coming.  But really, we're the only Sisters around and we have 2 dunkings this week.  Our zone has the goal to have 5 baptisms this transfer and these 2 make a total of...drumroll...5!   The last week of the transfer too!  Look at Brownsburg, carrying the zone!  

Brian and Bella are so excited to be baptized too.  He will be baptized, confirmed, then ordained so he can baptize his daughter right after.  That's special!  We're thrilled, you could say.  

This week we had thug themed district meeting.  Sha feel?  It's off the hizzy!  Wit ma knittas! I can't talk like a thug, but I tried... It was so good!  

I'm learning a lot of Hymns on the Ukulele.  I can play "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" and "I Need Thee Every Hour".  It's pretty sweet!  

Our Elders in Danville got a full time car...a brand new one!  It literally had 63 miles on the odometer when they got it.  Not fair!  Haha!  I can't be jealous though, I'm loving the 2014 Corolla.  They were so excited about it though.  :)  It was Elder Wimmer's birthday this week so we celebrated with our district.  Elder Wimmer is randomly from Sweden...haha!  

I think Sister Griffeth is getting transferred next week.  That will make 4 companions in 6 months.  Careful, people might think I'm a tough companion.  ;)  She's almost done being "Greenie busted" by me.  Haha!  No, she's great and she'll be fantastic wherever she goes.  :) We're just excited to end our companionship with a double dunking! :)

Last night we went to a part member's house.  They're from the Dominican Republic and they make the BEST food.  I swear it's better than Cafe Rio.  Not even lying.  They're the greatest family and they love us...of course! ;)  

I think that's it, so have a great week!  I know I will.  :)

Eagle Creek zone-thug themed district meeting!

I got my hair cut. Here's a selfie for you! ;)

Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi Brothers and Sisters!

See what I did there??

This week was pretty great!  We had a miracle. We always do, but this one came at a crucial time. Our investigator, Brian, is stellar!  Although, for the last month, if we'd put him on a baptism date, he wouldn't come to church.  I was DONE with that!  It was a little frustrating, especially because he has a strong testimony! He's been investigating for almost 2 years now, by the way.  I figured we wouldn't even talk about baptism until he started making effort to come to church.  We got permission to teach his daughter, Bella, who just turned 8.  She's adorable and she loves us so much!  She gets excited when the Sisters come over!  Anyway, we did apostasy cups with her to teach her the Restoration and they loved it!  Brian wanted to borrow them to show his parents and teach them about the gospel.  A couple days later we were over there to teach the Plan of Salvation to them.  Brian told us that he had his 2 year old daughter, Ava, for the day (he doesn't have full custody of her...yet) and he overheard Bella using the apostasy cups to teach her about the gospel!  He said she did it flawlessly-which means she understood everything! Yay!  Also, he said that he felt the spirit so strongly that he KNEW it was true!  He said he almost cried!  He asked us when he could get baptized and when he could baptize Bella!  We set him up for the 21st!  We called President and asked if he could get baptized, confirmed, and ordained on the same day so he could baptize Bella too and he said yes!!  Bishop said it was okay too!  SO, here's our miracle!  We set the goal to baptize 2 people this transfer, which ends in 2 weeks!  We're going to reach that goal!  God is too good.  It's incredible!  The first time I met Brian, I couldn't help but think I already knew him...I got the impression that we were good friends in the pre-earth life!  He's so great!  Ahhhhh!  Also, I served on IUPUI campus on Thursday on exchanges.  Campus/missionary life is too fun!  I want to serve on campus eventually.  There's a billion campuses in my mission. (Purdue, IUPUI, Indiana University, Franklin College, Notre Dame, Butler, and a bunch of smaller ones.)  Great stuff!!  Watch me stay in family wards for the rest of my mission...I'd love that too! <3

I'm sick of getting new companions...because I love all of mine!  Sister G is the bomb!  She jokes about how she has the personality of a man and how I've actually been companions with an Elder for the last month.  Haha!  Hopefully we have another transfer together but she's probably leaving in a couple weeks.  :(  

We did a lot of tracting this week.  Probably not a lot compared to other missionaries, but we did way more than I've ever done before.  It was pretty good.  You meet some dang awesome people by tracting.  It's awkward, but I've learned to embrace it. Nobody was interested...

We picked up a recent convert in Avon.  She doesn't like the Elders there, and it's hard for them to teach her because she's a single woman, so we started teaching her the recent convert lessons!  She's fantastic!  So, this area is different from my last one, obviously!   My area covers the towns of Brownsburg and Pittsboro but my ward covers those towns plus Danville (remind anyone of Phineas and Ferb?) and North Salem.  It's pretty massive.  Our Elders drive about 20 miles to get to church.  However, Avon is the next town over and those Elders are much closer to us.  We're all in the same District!  We teach people in every town, because let's be honest-everyone likes Sisters better than Elders.  ;)  Just kidding, or am I? 

I love the missionaries here though!  They're great!  It's good to have district meetings again.  We had district meeting in the dark and when you spoke you had to hold a flashlight up to your face.  It was creepy!  My last District Leader saw us every day so we never had meetings.  Haha!  He said that he always knew how we were doing anyway so there wasn't a point to them.  I guess it helped that he lived 30 yards away and not 15 miles away.  :) 

Um, I can't think of anything else.  I love you all! Have a great week!  :)

Awkward district photo: Elder Gubler, Elder Wimmer, Sister G, Elder Scribner, and me. We're missing our DL: Elder Knudsen

Aww, all my companions in the same room!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Tipil = Baptism!

Hey all!  

Albert got baptized and I was thrilled to not only be there for it, but he asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was translated into Burmese!  That's an experience I'll never forget.  Albert is incredible.  He will be the Branch President of the Chin Branch in Indy one day.  I'm so blessed to have served there.  I want to go back!  Hopefully one day I will.  :)  

Things are good in the Burg.  It's snowy and cold-reminds me of the Titanic!  Sister Griffeth was a little sick this week so we were struggling with teaching lessons.  We joke that the Titanic (missionary work) crashed into the burg (Brownsburg).  Haha!  We think we're funny!  :) We just sat around and she taught me how to play the Ukulele!  It's sick! She's so great!  I hope she doesn't get transferred soon.  Although she's going home a transfer early to start school so we'll go home together.  :)  Even though this week started rough, we killed it the last few days! We taught like crazy and hit the Standard of Excellence for lessons. We're supposed to teach 20 every week and we did it!  Even though we usually teach between 24-29 lessons a week.  Last P-day, Elder Palmer and I dressed up and I braided my hair like a polygamist.  It was pretty great!  :) Haha!  Every P-day he says, "Sister Fowler, we're sitting by each other on the plane home, right?"  Sure thing, Elder Palmer... Haha! He's trunky...we have over a year left! He's training a new missionary in a few weeks so that will keep him youthful-hopefully! :)  We give service at the Library and I found a book about wookiees. It's kind of an inside joke because I burped the other day and it sounded like a wookiee.  Sister Griffeth and I laughed so hard!  Haha!  

We were teaching Brian this week and he's reading in the Book of Mormon where they're burning Abinadi at the stake.  Brian's comprehension of the BOM is usually through the roof, but this passage mentions how they throw "faggots" at Abinadi to burn him at the stake.  He started talking about how they're throwing all these homosexuals at Abinadi to be burned with him and that's why the church hates gay people.  We busted up laughing!  We looked up that faggots are small bundles of sticks used for kindling.  That was the funniest thing ever!  He understands now.  But we gave his 8 year old daughter an illustrated BOM and she read 30 pages in 3 days! When we saw her again, she asked us how Joseph Smith was able to translate the gold plates.  They're so great!  Brian came to church again!  He's stellar and will be baptized soon.  We won't take no for an answer! He's basically a dry Mormon anyway.  :)

You all should watch the Mormon Message called, "The Hope of God's Light"  It's my favorite.  Not only is the videography amazing, but it teaches many wonderful messages that are centered on the Atonement.  We showed it to our LARC this week who's struggling with alcoholism and it really brought into perspective the fact that Heavenly Father is aware of our situations and that He loves us!  It's in our conditions as mortals to put ourselves in places of darkness, but when we humble ourselves, we are able to have hope and see the light!  There is ALWAYS hope!  :)
I love you all! 

Albert's Baptism and Missionaries