Monday, December 8, 2014

Transfers...... :)

Hey y'all!

We had transfers this week!  Sister Loveland ended up exactly 12 miles away, so I'll still see her around. :)

My new companion is Sister Kitchen!  She's so dang cute. Like, cupcakes and hot pink/zebra cute.  She makes fun of my English though!  My English has slowly deteriorated in this area.  "So many fruit!" It's an inside joke.  She reminds me of a Disney princess: beautiful and spunky! 

We had a miracle this week!  We team teach a family with the Elders because Elder Uthaichai speaks Thai and Za Kip Men understands him. Last week, they asked if we could teach them more about Joseph Smith and prophets. We've literally taught them the restoration 8 times so I didn't think there was much more we could do. During studies the thought came to me that maybe the Restoration video is translated into Thai!  I watched it in every language when I was sick so I figured one of them might be Thai.  :) I asked Elder Uthaichai to check that for me because I don't know what the heck Thai looks like.  They came over and said it was!  So for district meeting we watched the Restoration in Thai with Swedish subtitles because Elder Uthaichai is fluent in both...don't ask.  He said the translations aren't direct but they mean basically the same thing.  This week we'll show them the video and Men will translate it for her family!  Miracles do happen!   

We visited Cung (Joong) this week too!  Her 18 month old daughter Deborah (Deh-Bore-Uh) put her television remote in our English bag when we weren't looking.  Later that night she called us and explained to us what happened. Keep in mind, she barely speaks English...Haha!  Good thing I have the gift of tongues.  Really! Sometimes I understand things that I shouldn't.  Anyway, I checked in our bag and pulled out her remote!  It was so funny! 

Saturday was Sister Kitchen's birthday!  I felt bad that she was in a brand new area for her birthday so I tried to make it special.  The Elders decorated our door with streamers and balloons.  Cute!  We took her out to lunch at Olive Garden with some other missionaries in the area that she knows.  It was a great day!  

Yesterday we had Albert translate some testimonies into Chin during Testimony meeting!  He stood at the pulpit with a microphone and translated for the Chin people that came.  The spirit was so strong in that meeting!  The spirit truly does speak every language. :)

We were teaching Sai about prophets and I wanted to show her a video of Thomas S. Monson.  We watched a 3 minute clip that has been translated into Burmese on the church's website and afterward she put her hand on her heart and said, "Holy..."  She was looking for the word "ghost."  I said, "Thiang Clarau?"  (Holy Spirit?) She smiled and nodded.  She knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is one today.  She barely speaks English!  I'm so happy to be doing this work in this special area.  I don't know what I did to be blessed with the opportunity to work so closely with these people but I hope I keep it up!  Before my mission, I knew that I had friends here in Indiana that I've met before that I told I would find and teach about our Savior.  Those friends just happen to be Asian and I couldn't be any happier about it!  I want to adopt their culture because they're so precious! I'm so in love with all of them!  :)

I killed my foot this week!  It's all black, blue, purple, and red.  EW! Don't ask...I'm clumsy. 

Inn i thil umtuning ca in ka kua tuah!  Kan dawt tuk!  
(Write me all the home events!  I love you!)

Sister Fowler xoxo
Burmese drink! I killed my foot... and Asians!

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