Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchanges, Temple, and...FLU!

Dear all,

I went on exchanges this week to a cute little town called Franklin, Indiana.  Aww, it's so precious!  I had to teach white people...which is out of my comfort zone. We actually couldn't find an apartment complex where a lot of potential investigators were located so we called the zone leaders and asked them where it was.  They told us that they "deem it not jack to go the library and google it" so we did.  Then the lady at the library gave us a number for city hall to ask for the address and it turned out to be the mayor's office. Awkward.  We told them that we were trying to move to Franklin so they were super willing to help us out. It turns out that the complex didn't exist.  Haha!  Oh well.   It was a great experience though.  I was with Sister McMillan and she is so great!  I learned a lot from her.  I tell you, miracles happen on exchanges!

On Saturday we went to the Louisville, Kentucky temple!  It's so tiny.  But, Sister Hull had been waiting to be sealed to her husband and we both got to be there for that!  Sister Hull was extremely less active 9 months ago when Sister Loveland started working with her. Now she's sealed to her parents and deceased husband!  That's one of my favorite things about being a missionary-seeing people change because of the gospel.  I love Sister Hull too.  She always calls me "Sweetie"  or "Baby Girl".  Haha!  

Sister Loveland has been sick for almost 2 weeks now so we stayed in for  a lot of the week.  Then, yesterday I woke up with the FLU!  Eww.  So, we stayed in all day yesterday except we went to church to take the Sacrament.  That's what we get for not getting flu shots, I guess. :P

Last night, the Elders brought us over a brownie mix to make for them.  We didn't have any oil so we used apple sauce instead. We forgot that Elder Ledesma is allergic to apples!!!  He thought we were trying to kill him!  Ooops.  He's alright, he just doesn't trust us anymore....

Well, I think that's it...
Please keep Tum Lin, Tin Meng, Esther, Albert, Za Kip Men, and Cung Mang in your prayers!  They really need it....Thanks!  

Love you all!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  :)

Sister Fowler xoxo

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