Monday, February 2, 2015

Tipil = Baptism!

Hey all!  

Albert got baptized and I was thrilled to not only be there for it, but he asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was translated into Burmese!  That's an experience I'll never forget.  Albert is incredible.  He will be the Branch President of the Chin Branch in Indy one day.  I'm so blessed to have served there.  I want to go back!  Hopefully one day I will.  :)  

Things are good in the Burg.  It's snowy and cold-reminds me of the Titanic!  Sister Griffeth was a little sick this week so we were struggling with teaching lessons.  We joke that the Titanic (missionary work) crashed into the burg (Brownsburg).  Haha!  We think we're funny!  :) We just sat around and she taught me how to play the Ukulele!  It's sick! She's so great!  I hope she doesn't get transferred soon.  Although she's going home a transfer early to start school so we'll go home together.  :)  Even though this week started rough, we killed it the last few days! We taught like crazy and hit the Standard of Excellence for lessons. We're supposed to teach 20 every week and we did it!  Even though we usually teach between 24-29 lessons a week.  Last P-day, Elder Palmer and I dressed up and I braided my hair like a polygamist.  It was pretty great!  :) Haha!  Every P-day he says, "Sister Fowler, we're sitting by each other on the plane home, right?"  Sure thing, Elder Palmer... Haha! He's trunky...we have over a year left! He's training a new missionary in a few weeks so that will keep him youthful-hopefully! :)  We give service at the Library and I found a book about wookiees. It's kind of an inside joke because I burped the other day and it sounded like a wookiee.  Sister Griffeth and I laughed so hard!  Haha!  

We were teaching Brian this week and he's reading in the Book of Mormon where they're burning Abinadi at the stake.  Brian's comprehension of the BOM is usually through the roof, but this passage mentions how they throw "faggots" at Abinadi to burn him at the stake.  He started talking about how they're throwing all these homosexuals at Abinadi to be burned with him and that's why the church hates gay people.  We busted up laughing!  We looked up that faggots are small bundles of sticks used for kindling.  That was the funniest thing ever!  He understands now.  But we gave his 8 year old daughter an illustrated BOM and she read 30 pages in 3 days! When we saw her again, she asked us how Joseph Smith was able to translate the gold plates.  They're so great!  Brian came to church again!  He's stellar and will be baptized soon.  We won't take no for an answer! He's basically a dry Mormon anyway.  :)

You all should watch the Mormon Message called, "The Hope of God's Light"  It's my favorite.  Not only is the videography amazing, but it teaches many wonderful messages that are centered on the Atonement.  We showed it to our LARC this week who's struggling with alcoholism and it really brought into perspective the fact that Heavenly Father is aware of our situations and that He loves us!  It's in our conditions as mortals to put ourselves in places of darkness, but when we humble ourselves, we are able to have hope and see the light!  There is ALWAYS hope!  :)
I love you all! 

Albert's Baptism and Missionaries 

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