Monday, February 23, 2015

Crazy week!


A lot happened this week and I hope I don't forget anything.  

Last P-day we went to Plainfield and watched all the Elders have a dunking contest.  They're all tall and play basketball well.  I just sit on the ground and play my ukulele.  :)

Tuesday:  Sister Griffeth got sick and the nurse told us to stay inside.  So, I played the ukulele some more.  However, Elder Knudsen ripped a huge hole in his coat and I sewed it up for him.  I wrote a note to him and I sewed it up in his sleeve and then I told him about it.  It's been driving him insane because he wants to know what it says.  I think he might actually cut open his coat to find out... 

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference!  President Cleveland polished my boots for me at one of the stations.  They looked so good-I couldn't stop staring at them.  We received a lot of trainings and we role played a lot.  Then we had a "March Madness" clinic.  The Coach in President Cleveland came out and we did basketball drills!  It was fun even though I'm horrible at b-ball.  Sister Cleveland told me that we have the same amount of arm strength...basically none.  Haha!  :)

Thursday: We jumped our British neighbor's car when it was 1 degree outside.  It was so cold!  Boo.  We also cleaned out the font for out baptism and we had to take a selfie.  :) 

Friday: I honestly don't remember I guess it wasn't important!  

Saturday!  This is the glorious day!  It snowed 6 inches and our cars got grounded for a few hours until they cleared up the roads. As soon as we could, we booked it to Plainfield to pick up the jumpsuits for the baptisms and we had to start filling the font.  Well, we didn't plug the font properly (because we're Sisters and we didn't know) so it was draining a little as it was filling.  IT'S FINE!  Haha!  It worked out, thank goodness.  Brian and Bella were both baptized!  They're so great!  It was a beautiful day!  A little hectic, but it all worked out.  Bella started swimming in the font after she got baptized!  It was so cute and funny!  She makes me laugh so hard!  We were teaching her about baptism and she saw the picture of Jesus and John the Baptist and she said, "It looks like they're dancing!" Haha!  We had her write down how she felt about her confirmation during Sacrament meeting yesterday and she said, "I felt weird because all these guys were putting their hands on my head, but I felt happy because I know God is happy."  It was so precious.  I love that little family so much!  Then, that night we got transfer calls.  I'm staying in Brownsburg, but Sister Griffeth is leaving in 2 days!  That makes 4 companions in 6 months.  People are going to think that I'm a crazy psycho that can't keep a companion for longer than a transfer.  Haha!  I just hope I get an old Sister that's about to go home.  I need someone that I can learn all the tricks of the trade from.  :)  This week marks my 6 months in the mission field!  That's weird.  :)

Sunday:  Bella got confirmed and then Sister Griffeth packed.  Also, we went and said goodbye to a Senior couple in downtown Indy.  I will miss them so much!  I just realized that my first area was about 5 miles south of downtown and my current area is only about that far west of downtown.  I guess I'll just never leave Indy.  I hope I don't, anyway!  I heard that this transfer meeting will be the biggest one yet!  A lot of people are getting double transferred.  A set of Elders in my District are.  Everyone in my zone is getting transferred! It's insane.

That's all folks! Love you all!

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