Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi Brothers and Sisters!

See what I did there??

This week was pretty great!  We had a miracle. We always do, but this one came at a crucial time. Our investigator, Brian, is stellar!  Although, for the last month, if we'd put him on a baptism date, he wouldn't come to church.  I was DONE with that!  It was a little frustrating, especially because he has a strong testimony! He's been investigating for almost 2 years now, by the way.  I figured we wouldn't even talk about baptism until he started making effort to come to church.  We got permission to teach his daughter, Bella, who just turned 8.  She's adorable and she loves us so much!  She gets excited when the Sisters come over!  Anyway, we did apostasy cups with her to teach her the Restoration and they loved it!  Brian wanted to borrow them to show his parents and teach them about the gospel.  A couple days later we were over there to teach the Plan of Salvation to them.  Brian told us that he had his 2 year old daughter, Ava, for the day (he doesn't have full custody of her...yet) and he overheard Bella using the apostasy cups to teach her about the gospel!  He said she did it flawlessly-which means she understood everything! Yay!  Also, he said that he felt the spirit so strongly that he KNEW it was true!  He said he almost cried!  He asked us when he could get baptized and when he could baptize Bella!  We set him up for the 21st!  We called President and asked if he could get baptized, confirmed, and ordained on the same day so he could baptize Bella too and he said yes!!  Bishop said it was okay too!  SO, here's our miracle!  We set the goal to baptize 2 people this transfer, which ends in 2 weeks!  We're going to reach that goal!  God is too good.  It's incredible!  The first time I met Brian, I couldn't help but think I already knew him...I got the impression that we were good friends in the pre-earth life!  He's so great!  Ahhhhh!  Also, I served on IUPUI campus on Thursday on exchanges.  Campus/missionary life is too fun!  I want to serve on campus eventually.  There's a billion campuses in my mission. (Purdue, IUPUI, Indiana University, Franklin College, Notre Dame, Butler, and a bunch of smaller ones.)  Great stuff!!  Watch me stay in family wards for the rest of my mission...I'd love that too! <3

I'm sick of getting new companions...because I love all of mine!  Sister G is the bomb!  She jokes about how she has the personality of a man and how I've actually been companions with an Elder for the last month.  Haha!  Hopefully we have another transfer together but she's probably leaving in a couple weeks.  :(  

We did a lot of tracting this week.  Probably not a lot compared to other missionaries, but we did way more than I've ever done before.  It was pretty good.  You meet some dang awesome people by tracting.  It's awkward, but I've learned to embrace it. Nobody was interested...

We picked up a recent convert in Avon.  She doesn't like the Elders there, and it's hard for them to teach her because she's a single woman, so we started teaching her the recent convert lessons!  She's fantastic!  So, this area is different from my last one, obviously!   My area covers the towns of Brownsburg and Pittsboro but my ward covers those towns plus Danville (remind anyone of Phineas and Ferb?) and North Salem.  It's pretty massive.  Our Elders drive about 20 miles to get to church.  However, Avon is the next town over and those Elders are much closer to us.  We're all in the same District!  We teach people in every town, because let's be honest-everyone likes Sisters better than Elders.  ;)  Just kidding, or am I? 

I love the missionaries here though!  They're great!  It's good to have district meetings again.  We had district meeting in the dark and when you spoke you had to hold a flashlight up to your face.  It was creepy!  My last District Leader saw us every day so we never had meetings.  Haha!  He said that he always knew how we were doing anyway so there wasn't a point to them.  I guess it helped that he lived 30 yards away and not 15 miles away.  :) 

Um, I can't think of anything else.  I love you all! Have a great week!  :)

Awkward district photo: Elder Gubler, Elder Wimmer, Sister G, Elder Scribner, and me. We're missing our DL: Elder Knudsen

Aww, all my companions in the same room!

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