Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Hey all y'all!

So, welcome to 2015! My blackout year!  I will spend all of this year as a missionary!  I love telling people that I get to go home in March.  March of 2016!  Haha!  

This week was interesting.  I was still super sick for most of it.  I feel super disobedient because all I did was sleep when we weren't teaching lessons.  I was so tired all the time!  Then I got a nasty rash on my arms.  It's still here too.  Yikes! The mission nurse and I became good friends this week.  Haha!  However, we taught a good amount of lessons despite my illness.  We even taught a couple of lessons over the phone.  

On Saturday we left our apartment for literally 30 minutes to teach a lesson when our Elders texted us and called us to get home because it was "URGENT".  We got home and found two couches on our patio!  What the heck!  Apparently a member left them for us.  They were kinda gross but we had the Elders move them in anyway.  We decided we didn't want them so we had our other Elders take them to the dumpster.  We kept the smaller one and we're just going to cover it.  Haha!  It's so random.  

I'm going on exchanges today!  I'll be in Franklin Indiana. Also, Sister Kitchen and I have a feeling I'll be transferred to a new area next week.  That's scary and intense!  I feel like I'm ready to be a normal missionary though. I will miss my Hermana Cocina and my Chin people though!  I just hope I don't go to South Bend!  It's way too cold up there!  Brr!

We had an awesome New Year!  We got to hangout with our missionary friends at the church.  I realized that I've been in Indy 1st for too long because I have my area completely memorized! I know who lives where and I just need to experience something else.  I feel confident with being transferred.  Hopefully I can actually do it!  

Wish me luck!  Better yet, pray for me!  ;)

I love you all!  Have an awesome year! But, I guess I'll talk to you next week.  :)

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