Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear peeps!

I am so sad!  I got my transfer call.  I'll be going to my second area this week.  I was supposed to stay in Little Burma for 6 months so I wasn't expecting to be transferred.  I guess it's all up to The Lord though, right? 

The worst part is that we have our first Chin baptism coming up here in a few weeks! Albert is going to be baptized and I don't even know if I'll be here for it!  He's the greatest soul I know.  He's my hero!  He has a strong testimony and he will be great!  I just hope I can love the people in my next area as much as I love the Chin people.  Probably not though, because I've heard from other missionaries that white people are mean.  I'm gonna get eaten alive!!  :)

Our amazing ward mission leader works at a children's hospital and he works 28 hour shifts.  Last night we asked him how he stays awake for that and he replied, "Coffee."  We awkwardly chuckled and began rummaging around our bags for a Word of Wisdom pamphlet.  I totally believed him! Brother Merrell is so great!  Then he busted up laughing!  Haha!  That was a good one.  His secret is an entire box of Lucky Charms!  He just eats it across the 28 hours...:)

I love my COMPANION!! Sister Kitchen has never failed to make me laugh and feel loved! She leaves little post-it notes for me in my planner, scriptures, and other places.  She's so dang cute too!  I'm going to miss her the most!  I've learned a lot from her.  She's very diligent and has a strong testimony!  But, she's from Arizona so she's dying in this cold!  Brrrrr!  

The other day we were helping 4 OLD ladies bring their groceries in from the car and one of them had me carry their bright pink cane.  I started pretending to walk like a grandma with it and then I started tap dancing with it as my prop!  I'm glad that I can still be myself and be a missionary at the same time.  Heavenly Father called me, Sister Jessica Gelien Fowler, to be a missionary. So, that's exactly what I'm doing!  :) 

Pray for me as I deal with my new area!  Also, keep Albert Mang in your prayers!  He's incredible and he will be the pioneer of many conversions in this area!  Thank you all!  

Psalms 117  Praise ye the Lord!  :)

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