Monday, January 19, 2015

B-burg! Hoosier town!

Well, here I am in Hoosierville.  Brownsburg, Indiana!

I hated saying goodbye to all of the Chin people!  It was a very sad time.  The worst part was leaving Sister Kitchen too!  She's amazing! We always laughed and worked hard together.  :)  Transfer meeting was interesting!  When President called my name I was so shocked because he didn't call my companion first.  That means I'm senior companion in a new area.  Woof!  That's too much!  My companion is Sister Griffeth and she's been out for 3 months! We're babies!  I'm technically "follow-up training" her but let's be honest, she knows way more about missionary work than I do!  I've still never even been tracting...

Our Elders tease us and tell us that if you combine our experience, which is 7 1/2 months, you still don't have half of a sister missionary.  Haha!  We really are babies takin' on the work in B-burg!  I've already learned a lot from Sister Griffeth.  She's a homie.  :) 

So, I came to Brownsburg and pulled into our driveway which was covered by 3 inches of solid ice.  If that wasn't enough to make me run away screaming then the water should be.  Haha!  The water here smells very strongly of rust or blood and it's a murky yellow color.  It's nasty!  I have to shower in it! Gross.  We drink bottled water, thank goodness.  However, they used the tap water for the Sacrament and I thought I was being poisoned for drinking even a teaspoon of it! Anyway, there's a Fowler family in the Brownsburg ward here and when they announced that the new missionary is "Sister Fowler,"  their little boy shouted, "That's you, mommy!"  Haha!  It was cute.  

My first night here, we stopped by a less-active's house to share a scripture with him and invite him to church.  Of course, he was drunk, but Sister Griffeth said that's normal.  We asked him to meet us at the Library in a couple of days for a longer lesson. We sat down with him a few days ago and had a word of wisdom intervention.  He was super honest with us and embarrassed that we knew that he had a drinking problem.  Basically, we're gonna get him clean if it's the last thing we do!  We're pretty sure he's already relapsed, but we've given him everything he needs to quit.  He's addicted pretty badly so it will be a long road, but we're going to be with him along the way! More importantly, Jesus Christ will be there with him.  That's the most important thing to remember is that our Savior suffered everything for us so that he might know how to succor his people. (Alma 7:11-13)  

We have an awesome investigator that could be baptized soon if he only comes to church!  He's a single dad of two little girls, a Colts fan, and one of the funniest people I've ever met!  I asked him if there is anything we could do to help him out and he replied, "You can come and clean my house and do my laundry. Aren't you the Molly Mormon Maids?"  Haha!  Oh man, that's a good one.  :) 

I've been trying to memorize the people in the area book and it's funny because my first district leader, Elder Owen served in Brownsburg last January.  He literally taught and dropped everyone in there.  It's messed up!  That's why I felt inspired to do missionary work in a more creative way.  I asked the Relief Society President for a list of sisters in the ward who haven't been visit taught in the last couple months.  She gave us a list with probably 150 women on it.  Granted, about half of them aren't in our area.  We're going to visit these sisters to help them feel loved and then we're going to ask for referrals and teach their friends!  It's  a fool proof plan and it helps me avoid tracting for just a little longer.  

It'll still be awhile before I'm totally adjusted to normal mission life but I have a great area and companion to help me.  :) Kan dawt tuk!  Have a lovely week! 

Albert's Family! Aren't they precious?
Brother Merrell's Family! He was my Ward Mission Leader! They're so great!

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