Monday, November 10, 2014

Secret Tunnels

Hello All,

Once upon a time, we were giving a less active man and his girlfriend a church tour. We were about to begin when he says, "I grew up going to church here. Did you know there are tunnels in the chapel?  I could give you two a REAL church tour."  Uhhh...? So, he showed us the entrance to these tunnels and they lead under the chapel, above the overflow, and to the back of the building.  Last P-day we explored them!  They're gross and cobwebby, but that's just the adventure we need!  

So, we've been team teaching Esther and Albert and their parents with the Elders.  We do that because their mother understands Thai and Elder Uthaichai speaks Thai because he's from Thailand.  It's pretty perfect though!  There's 4 languages floating around in their lessons and I only speak/understand English!! They speak Falam, the kids interpret for us in Burmese, and half of the lesson is in Thai.  It's so random!  But, anything to get this family baptized because they're solid! They came to church yesterday!  Hooray!  

This week, I had a pretty bad headache that wouldn't leave me!! So we visited a member of the ward who knows secrets about the body.  She did light therapy on me and told me that I need to stop carrying around people's stuff.  Not literally-but apparently I carry around people's stress and problems and that's why my head hurt so badly.  Then, she rubbed frankincense on my forehead and told me to repeat my positive affirmation multiple times a day.  We're doing our laundry at her house right now, so she had us meditate with her. I've seriously never felt better!  These things work, I promise!  :)

My favorite thing about serving here is teaching English!  English lessons are so enthusiastic and energetic.  It's so happy!  The Chin people need that too, especially because they've seen so much persecution.  

As for me being surrounded by Asians...I don't even notice that I'm the only white person in the room-ever.  Haha! That's because we're all children of God! 

I learned how to say I love you in Chin!  So, kalo duh!  

Sister Fowler xoxo

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