Monday, November 17, 2014

I hope they call me on a mission

Dear everyone,

This week has been COLD.  Brrrrrrr!

We had Zone Meeting.  Zone Meeting=a bunch of 18-19-20 year-olds sitting around a table, dressed professionally and talking about people's salvation.  I'm too immature to be a missionary, obviously!  I can't take them seriously!  Oh well, it was great!  

I still love my Burmese people. They're precious!  We're working on getting a Chin-terpretor to translate talks in sacrament meeting so we can help the Chins to understand us!  That will be the day!  I feel like I try to teach them simply, but the reality is that they won't fully progress until they can hear the gospel in their own language.  We honestly don't even know what they understand about the gospel even though we've taught them the restoration 10 times. Haha!  It's a process.  Pray for Burmese or Chin speaking missionaries? Yes. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend and the Sister Training Leaders stayed the night with us. Sleep over! That was a blast. :)  Also, we decorated our apartment with Christmas lights!  It's so happy!  

How many missionaries do we have in the world?  87,000?  Heck no!  There are 15 million and counting!  Are you sharing the gospel?  

We eat dinner almost every Sunday with the Sholders.  Sister Sholders is from Russia and makes soooo much food.  The last Elders would eat it all but these Asian ones barely eat anything!  I think she's offended that they don't eat all the food so now she makes simple dishes and not her usual 5 courses!  It's sad for Sister Loveland and I, but we are just grateful they feed us!  Haha!  :)

If you want to be humbled: serve a mission.  If you want to realize every weakness you have: serve a mission. If you want to see God's hand in your life and the lives of others: serve a mission.  The enabling power of the atonement is real!  I have gained a testimony of that!  Being a missionary is the best!  It's been a great experience and I wouldn't change it for anything!   In two weeks, I'll be a normal missionary!  Almost done with training! 

We're going to the temple this week!  Kentucky, here we come!  Sister Hull (a returning less active) is getting sealed to her husband and parents and we'll be there with her!  We're thrilled about that! 

Well, if you have any questions-email me!  I love you all!  The church is true, the book is blue, and the temple is the glue! Kalo duh! 

Sister Fowler xoxo
 My trainer, her trainer, and my Sister Training Leaders!
Sister Loveland is a weirdie. But I love her! :)

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