Monday, November 3, 2014

What the...Hubcaps!?

Dear friends and Family,

It's been an interesting week to say the least!  Our apartment complex is sandwiched between a Methodist church on
one side, and a J-Dubb's church on the other. We've actually been mistaken for Jehovah's Witness missionaries

We help a lot of the Chin people gather their information to apply to become citizens, and we teach a citizenship
class to help them know the information for the test.  Well, Elder Uthaichai and Elder Ledesma aren't from America so
it's interesting. This week, Elder Uthaichai asked me what year the Decoration of Independence was signed.  Haha! 

I got to drive this week!  It's more fun to drive and get to know the area a little better. :) Someone stole our hubcaps
on Thursday, but only 3 of them.  The next day, they were all back!  We think the Elders were pranking us, but they
swear they didn't take them...:)

If you ask Elder Ledesma if he was born in the church, he'll say, "No, I was born in the hospital, but I was raised
in the church!"  I love his Filipino accent. It's funny!  

Halloween was a blast!  We carved Pumpkins!  Also, Albert's birthday was yesterday and they invited us over for
dinner.  We sang happy birthday to him and then, as part of their culture, he fed us each a bite of his cake. Kinda like
the wedding cake tradition in America...he smeared frosting all over our faces!!  It's so great!  Esther and Albert's
Mom cooked the biggest Burmese feast!  They kept piling rice, fish, sushi, pork, beef, chicken, and dumplings on our
plates!  I've never eaten so much food in my life....

So, sometimes I forget that I'm not Asian so I tell people that I'm Asian by association!  :) 

We had interviews with President Cleveland this week. He talked a lot about unifying our hearts and minds and that if
we do that, we will see miracles!  That's what my area needs!  Then, he told me that I will be here in Indy 1st for 6
months!  There's no guarantee, because ultimately God's in charge, but I can't wait!  Also, Sister Loveland will leave
here in a month and so Elder Uthaichai and I will be leading this area.  Think I can do it?  Well, it's gonna take a
miracle!!^^^ He told us that we have to baptize a Chin family before the end of the year, or else!  So, we just ask for
any prayers on behalf of us as missionaries, and the people in this area.  :) :)  There WILL be a Burmese branch in
Indianapolis one day!  I have faith!! Do you?

As much as I would love to teach these people in their language, I've learned so much about how to teach things
simply.  I know that I will be able to teach my future children better because of my time here in Indy 1st.  Sometimes
the Chin people don't understand me, so they tell me.  "Fiang lo."  Haha!  I love those words...

Well, the church is true!  I've just found that it's a little more true here in the Indy 1st ward.  ;) And now, it's P-day,
so we're gonna go explore!  

Stay safe, warm, and happy!  

Sister Fowler xoxo

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