Monday, October 13, 2014


October 13, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been so dang great!  I forgot my little cable thing for my camera so no pics this week. I'll get you some soon!  

So, Sister Loveland and I drive a 2013 Subaru Legacy. It's  a nice car. Although, Sister Randall, the last Sister here backed into Sister Loveland and killed her leg with the bike rack.  Haha!  I should be certified to drive next week!  I can't wait to be able to learn how to navigate this area.  We had zone meeting this week. I had to give a talk because my ZL's are jerks.  ;)  They're so great though!  I have an awesome zone.  We always play bunco at zone meetings.  We all bring white elephant gifts and we roll dice to see who gets to pick a gift. I got my gift at Humble Impressions, the thrift store we give service at.  It was a night light in the shape of big red lips. Haha!  Everyone wanted it.  Guess what I got though?   A mylar package of spaghetti noodles brought by the one and only Elder Maxwell.  Jerk!  Haha!  

We got to watch "Meet the Mormons" before all y'all.  It was so good!  They wanted the missionaries to preview it so we wouldn't go to the theaters to watch it. We are a classy church! :) That movie is the greatest visual representation of the Atonement though. 

So we have this investigator named Cross Sui Nai.  She is so precious. She is from Burma and she has a husband and two little children.  She's only lived in America for 1 year and her English is much better than some people that have lived here for 5 years. (Thanks to us!)  She told us that she went to college in Myanmar before she came here.  She has her degree in law!  Cross is a lawyer!!  She's brilliant, but she had to come to America to get away from the violence. My heart goes out to these people. They've suffered so much.  Now, they live on small incomes and have to orient themselves with a culture and language that is foreign to them.  It's not fair.  But at least they're safe and happy!  I love Cross, she's so enthusiastic and happy!  I admire that, especially because she's been in a tough situation. 

Yesterday was ward council.  I'm seriously in the greatest ward! They're very missionary minded. Bishop Lykins actually went to BYU.  When he was there, he said some girl in his class ask him where he was from. He said he was from Indiana and she asked, "What state is that in?"  Haha!  Those are the kind of people that go to BYU. ;)    I have the greatest ward mission leader and Elders here too.  Elder Owen and Elder Maxwell might try to make me hold a shocky dog collar sometimes, but they're still great missionaries. They even made me buy them a radar for their car.  It was only $2.50 but they tested it out with a member of our ward that's a cop.  Elder Maxwell is from St. George so we talk about Swig sometimes.  Those were the good ol' days!  ;) We usually get a text to remind us of ward council and it says, "No alcohol this time." Haha!  

Other than that...I've been working on my Chin. I can say Gospel of Jesus Christ now.  Jesu Khrih Thawng Tha. Good stuff!  

The work is doing good!  I hope you are all happy and safe!  

Sister Fowler xoxo

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