Friday, October 24, 2014

American Idol

Dear family and friends, 

So, I really wish the Book of Mormon was translated into Burmese or Chin-but unfortunately it hasn't been yet.  Maybe one of you could ask the people of the Burmese branch in Salt Lake City to get on that? Also, we requested to receive either Burmese or Chin speaking missionaries and we haven't heard anything about that yet.  Hopefully we'll get some soon!  I believe the people here will absorb the gospel when they can actually understand the missionaries.  Stupid language barrier!

On Tuesday we had specialized training for new missionaries. I have been referred to as a ripening banana-not green anymore, but slightly turning yellow. :) This training was so great!  We have an awesome mission president and assistants. We had to role play teaching the Restoration in 5 minutes.  Easy peasy!  Sister Loveland makes me teach that everyday almost.  I could literally teach a 5 min. resto. in my sleep. The Elders that taught us, were slightly lacking practice. They spent 2 and a half minutes on the apostasy.  When they were done, I said, "You should have brought your apostasy cups too if you were going to talk about it for that long!"  They weren't thrilled that I said that.  Haha!  I can't help being sarcastic sometimes. 

Here in the Indianapolis mission, the missionaries give church tours.  It's not a tour of the building, but rather a tour of the paintings, the chapel, and the baptismal font.  And yes, there is a script that I memorized(ish). It's a great tool for members to share the gospel because they get to bring their non-member friends to just visit the church.  I never thought I'd be a literal tour guide for anything, but I am! 

We had a combined district meeting this week.  I am surrounded by the greatest missionaries!  It's sad, transfers are this week and Elder Owen and Maxwell are both leaving.  Elder Owen is going to be a zone leader and Elder Maxwell is going to train a new missionary.  That means Sister Loveland and I are training two new Elders on how to teach English classes and help them with the new area. I can't imagine being double transferred into any area, much less this one.  This is a unique area!!  Hopefully they're good Elders!

Indiana is a weird place.  There are geese and huge squirrels everywhere. The geese are constantly squawking!  Ew. 

This week, we were teaching Tin Meng, our most progressed Chin investigator. She's so lovely!  She understands English and she has the strongest testimony!  Sister Loveland decided we would sing I Am A Child Of God to her. (Sister Loveland has an amazing voice so she sang a harmony.) After we were done, Tin Meng said, "Oh so good!  You two should be on American Idol!"  Haha!  It was so funny!  I love Tin Meng. :):)

They put the Angel Moroni on the Indianapolis temple this week!  That's exciting!  I can't wait for it to be dedicated!

We are officially getting iPads in January...YAY!  That will be the day!

I think that's it!  If you have any questions, email me!  

I love you all! :)

Sister Fowler

Here are some photos from her recent adventures!
The bishop of the ward and his kids!

Got to go on a fun Ward Hayride! 

A fun dinner appointment!

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