Monday, September 22, 2014


September 22, 2014

Dear Friends and Family, 

This week has been great!!  I bought a pair of legit Indian pants at the thrift store we give service at. I'm talking parachute/MC Hammer pants!! They're so dang great!  And they were only 50 cents. 

The other day we walked in on a Chin "Devotion" which was a room full of Burmese people chanting prayers at the same time. It sounded like they were casting out evil spirits!  It freaked Sister Loveland and I out!

I love the people I teach.  They're so dang cute!  I just wish I could understand them. I hate language barriers. I almost know when to say "Amen" when they're praying now.  I know that God is "Pathian" pronounced: Bah Tee Ahn and Jesus Christ is "Jesu Khrih" pronounced: Jay Sue Cree.  I know a few others.  When I teach in English, I replace those words so they at least know who I'm talking about.  

The members of my ward are the best!  They feed us and the Elders and it's great!  They're missionary minded too!  The Elders here are the greatest. My Zone leader built my desk for me this week and I found out he's from AF.  Good stuff.  We tease the Elders in our ward about so much because we see them literally every day.  We do almost everything together.  

I'm sooo tired all the time, but it's worth it!  I always have a smile on my face.  I love being a missionary!

Sister Fowler

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