Monday, September 1, 2014

First P-Day!

September 1, 2014

Today is P-day except I will email next monday night because I leave at 4 am on tuesday. I have loved it here!  The MTC is the best experience.  My favorite teacher, Brother Van Zant is from Lehi and he's adorable. He actually served in my mission too!  The Elders in my district are going to the Boston Mass. mission.  

My branch president told us to prepare a 3-5 minute talk on the Atonement for Sunday because they stand up and announce random people to speak.  Of course they picked me out of 7 sisters and 22 Elders. It wasn't too bad.  An Elder in my district timed my talk and I spoke for 5 minutes and .07 seconds.  Haha!  Anyways, the schedule has been tough.  I'm in classes for 8 hours a day and have study times between those.  It's insane.  we've been teaching investigators lately and two Elders in my district had a funny experience.  Elder Lee started teaching the Restoration to their investigator and his companion, Elder Smout, opened his Preach My Gospel book to the Plan of Salvation and started teaching that.  They were confused and so was their investigator!  HAHAHA!  Good stuff.  

Missionaries are so nice.  Everywhere I walk, they're saying, "Hi, Sisters" to me and my companion, Sister Shaw.  I've never touched a door here because the Elders always hold them open for us!  Also, we can't say "guys" anymore.  It's always, "Elders and Sisters".  It's been a lot to take in but I'm loving every second!!  The spirit is so strong everywhere I go!  It's an incredible feeling.  :)


Sister Fowler

Companion is Sister Shaw


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